You may have the best service or product on the market, but if your potential customers do not know you exist, you have stumbled at the first hurdle. My job is to understand your business, your target audience, and competitors which in turn helps us to map out which marketing activities best suit your business goals and aspirations. I have had the pleasure of working across a wide variety of industries, Including fitness services, astrology, vegan cuisine, and baked goods. By finding what works best for their individual business, I have secured increased awareness and leads for my clients.

Charlene is a diversely talented communications and marketing professional. She is by nature a strategic communicator and will always ensure that she understands the target audience and purpose for communicating before defining a suitable approach. She combines this with creativity, confidence, and high ambition, but is never hesitant to listen, learn and adapt if necessary. An adept planner with a varied skillset, Charlene’s well-roundedness means she is more than capable of looking after the ‘everyday’ tasks such as social media and website management, media relations, liaising with external agencies and more. Above all else, Charlene is a kind and considerate colleague with a great sense humour. I really enjoyed our time working together and would jump at the opportunity to collaborate again in future

--- Louis

I worked with Charlene on a campaign to launch a set of online fitness classes - it was a pleasure. She was forward-thinking, timely and methodical with her approach and conscientious of the brand guidelines we were working with. This helped to maintain the tone of voice throughout our communications. Particularly with the email campaigns which she was leading on. Up until this point, there had not been an email strategy in place, Charlene developed and implemented this from start to finish making this a key factor to the success of the overall campaign.

--- Dean of Dyamund D Creations

I’d just released my first book and my publishers were finishing up their marketing campaign, I wanted the campaign to continue but I didn’t know how to start. Charlene Grant Marketing's effortlessly created a complete plan for me. They even brainstormed some genius ideas that I would never have thought of. It really made me appreciate the benefit of having marketers and the skill they have. They personalised their solutions related to my book on combined astrology, Chinese & western systems which helped me to realise, my work was open to segments I didn’t even know about. Their input was invaluable. I cannot recommend them more!

--- Zakariya Adeel

I worked with Charlene for just under 2 and a half years during that time, she was a great role model who was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about marketing practices that can deliver results within a business. She knew how to get things done and would be an asset to any business

--- Brandon