You may have the best service or product on the market, but if your potential customers do not know you exist, you have stumbled at the first hurdle. My job is to understand your business, your target audience, and competitors which in turn helps us to map out which marketing activities best suit your business goals and aspirations. I have had the pleasure of working across a wide variety of industries, Including fitness services, astrology, vegan cuisine, and baked goods. By finding what works best for their individual business, I have secured increased awareness and leads for my clients.

It was helpful to get an outsider's perspective as I was so unsure as to what to do and how it looked. I feel more confident in taking the reins due to this and the handover was good with all the templates, so it wasn't as daunting as there was a template to work from. Charlene is dedicated and passionate about her work and my brand. She said to me "I want you to win" and this shows in the work that she puts in. I wanted to launch my business but was unsure how to do it especially on social media. Charlene came in and helped guide and coach to understand social media and how to present my brand in a more effective way. She made suggestions but wasn't bossy. As the brand evolved, she constantly adapted to the changes and her ideas were evident of that.

--- Zoie Dash

We are so pleased with the results of the brand awareness campaign. Charlene Grant Marketing's expertise and professionalism helped us to achieve exposure at levels we have never been able to reach previously. They've also got a good eye for photography too! As a result of CGM's work, so many opportunities have opened to us. It has been a pleasure working with them. It’s great when someone sees your vision and truly wants to see you succeed. Honestly, so grateful.

--- Kareema and Kaleema of Livity

Being brand new to business, marketing didn't come naturally to me and I had more questions than answers. I reached out to Charlene Grant Marketing and through their excellent knowledge, understanding of what I wanted to achieve, and excellent delivery skills, they mapped out my marketing strategy which reflected my short- and long-term goals. I would not hesitate to use Charlene Grant Marketing again.

--- Zoe Gayle of Westerly Gayle's Bakery

Charlene Grant Marketing quickly identified exactly what was missing, the flaws in my current setup and how to rectify them. They proved to be very efficient, organised and driven! Their skill set had a direct and immediate impact which was reflected In our much improved online presence and more conversions. I’d recommend CGM, 100%!

--- Isaac Morrison of Meso Fitness

When I worked with Charlene, I witnessed great leadership skills and a passion for communications and marketing. Throughout her role as a team leader, Charlene exhibited the 'bigger picture' approach to her work, always thinking ahead, delivering a responsive style of working. Team ideas were always considered, respected and nurtured. Charlene was always ready to take on new challenges to boost engagement and was consistently solution focused

--- Aiyana