Livity Plant Based Cuisine

Project: Brand Awareness and increased sales
Project length: Two months

The challenge

Kareema and Kaleema, founders of Livity Plant-based cuisine had been in operation for some time. Based in Surrey Street Market Croydon, the twins had an established client base but required further exposure in order to increase sales and awareness not only their service offer, but their goal to open up a vegan café in Croydon.

The solution

We carried out a consultation with Kareema and Kaleema to help identify specific objectives and to understand more about the business. The twins trusted my expertise and vision for the project and were incredibly open about their journey.

  • Firstly, we compiled a list of questions for Kareema and Kaleema to consider, ahead of a planned interview with me. The interview was an opportunity for them to explain their personal motivation for starting their business and what they hoped to achieve within the community and to showcase their love for preparing delicious vegan food at affordable prices. 
  • Once we established all the factual information, we devised a press release and after having conducted research and carefully selecting the media outlets that were the best place to deliver the results required, the release was sent along with photography that we had carried out at their stall to accompany the submission.
  • Several journalists were interested in running the story and so, we spoke with and prepped both the journalist and the twins before exchanging contacting information 
  • Lastly, we assisted with rewriting the 'Go fund me' page where the twins hope to eventually open a vegan café.

The results


  • Two of the leading South London based newspapers contacted me to find out more and subsequently published the press release in both online and printed press.
  • The Twins achieved a 30% increase in sales within 4 weeks and through this exposure, they were interviewed with BBC radio, the voice newspaper, and countless other outlets.
  • Prior to the press release submission, Livity’s Instagram following was at 2.5k, this number increased to over 4k followers within a month. They are reaching over 10k followers to date.


Which successfully achieved:

  • Increased brand and service offer awareness
  • Increased customer acquisition
  • Improved business to customer experience


View Croydon Guardian press hit  
View Croydon Advertise press hit


We really enjoyed this project.  It helped that we were already loyal customers and loved their vegan food and ethos to support the communities in which they operate! The results of my involvement exceeded even my own expectations and it was an absolute pleasure to see Kareema and Kaleema enjoy the rewards that they deserved.