Meso Fitness

Project: Brand awareness and customer acquisition
Project length: Three months

The challenge

Meso Fitness, a Crystal Palace based fitness studio was entering a new chapter in its business model and had challenges around how to create and sustain a solid digital presence that would see them through. There was no current marketing or advertising strategy in place and no consistent focus on the digital platforms that were already in operation.

The solution

We met with Isaac Morrison, founder of Meso Fitness to understand his business goals and challenges. We learned not only about where Isaac has struggled in the past to maintain an online presence due to time constraints but also about an upcoming online fitness service that was due to launch just as the covid pandemic was taking hold of the global population. With multiple goals on the line:

  • We conducted a website review and produced a report which included competitor analysis, suggested changes, and functionality testing.
  • We developed a marketing communications plan including both on and offline activities
  • We devised a KPI spreadsheet to help capture valuable information which would also help to monitor and track how well the campaigns were going
  • We also devised an email campaign to launch the new product offer. I also optimised the Meso Fitness Google page with fresh content
  • We developed a survey for current customers to touch base with them and find out if any improvements were needed across the service offer

The results

  • 30 new clients within the first month
  • Customer acquisition and enquiries increased by 24% in one month.
  • Over 2000 new views on google business within 2 weeks of optimisation
  • 79% Email campaign open rate
  • 2025 unique website page views across the months of April and May


Which successfully achieved:

  • Increased brand and service offer awareness
  • Increased customer acquisition
  • Improved business to customer experience


Working with Meso Fitness was a fantastic and rewarding challenge as we were able to utilise many skills and activities across the marketing mix to bring about significant results which ultimately achieved more money for the business.